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About Robin Luthi

"Exercise should be done for the love of movement and the vitality it brings, not for the six-pack."

-- Jonathan Goodman

Robin has a growth mindset and is always seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge about health, wellness, and fitness. She has an unwavering enthusiasm to help people improve their health and wellbeing. The active aging population is Robin's niche. Robin meets people (including those outside her target) where they are at in their wellness journey, and educates and empowers them to become physically and mentally stronger human beings. She shows people the importance of taking a day at a time and being mindful of the present moment. Robin's infectious gratitude and appreciation of the small joys in life inspire people to find happiness and excitement in their smaller accomplishments. She teaches people how to be patient, persistent, and positive through any struggles, setbacks, or uncertainties and reach their fullest potential.

This compassionate, kind woman stands for whole body health. She practices what she preaches every day. Robin is honest with herself and other people. Her positive energy makes people around her feel optimistic about the presence and visions for the future. Robin is a Transformative Leader, who promotes innovation, open communication, purposeful and meaningful visions, active engagement in one's work, and affection for oneself and others. You can see Robin's legacy in the hundreds of people worldwide and across different age groups she inspires, many who have developed an awareness of the intrinsic value or benefit of a healthy lifestyle change. Robin practices and teaches her personal motto, "exercise for thy mind and thy body will follow." Robin is a caring, empathetic, and humble individual to work with on a team and one-on-one (face-to-face, telephonically, and online).

My Latest Projects

My Latest Projects

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The purpose of my research report is to examine the effect of health and wellness coaching on exercise adherence in older adults. Physical inactivity or a sedentary lifestyle is a growing concern for older adults. After older adults enter retirement, they can become increasingly inactive because they lose an active, structured daily work routine. A loss of meaning and purpose in life can also impact the geriatric population. An increased risk of age-related muscle loss naturally effects this population. Daily exercise can lower this risk and give meaning and purpose in life for retired, older adults. A Certified Health and Wellness Coach can provide behavioral health techniques to support and encourage older adults to adhere to a daily exercise routine. However, there is currently little evidence supporting the effect of health and wellness coaching on exercise adherence in the older adult population.


Running a half marathon (13.1 miles) is on my bucket list! While I do not view myself as a "runner," now is the time to achieve this goal. With the recent gym closures (due to the COVID-19 crisis), I need a different type of cardiovascular endurance training to replace my regular Spin classes at the gym. I have discovered indoor cycling to be very meditative and calming for my anxiety because I am able to reach a mindful state by staying present and deliberately focusing on my pedal stroke, core engagement, posture, and breathing technique. I truly miss my Spin classes and am eagerly waiting for the gyms to reopen, however I have experienced a similar state with running long distance. After recently experiencing light-moderate pain in my right heel, I am diligently following (and appreciate) the Social Distancing Run's training program, which provides sufficient rest periods and complementing strength and stability exercises. My "virtual" run date is scheduled for my preferred date during Memorial Day Weekend (May 22 - 25, 2020). A selfie photo with a unique medal will be posted!

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